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St Peter’s Barrowden, Church Development Project – Bulletin No. 4.

St Peter’s Barrowden, Church Development Project – Bulletin No. 4.

Four weeks in and the builders have made steady progress with no issues 

discovered beneath the floor. 


  • The stone and wood floor has now been carefully removed, as has the old blower heater.

The old stone flags have been palleted and will be sold.

  • Some ancient damage by rabbits to the foundations of the pillars has been discovered.

This has now been remedied with concrete infill;


  • 2 more ledger stones, one dated 1685, have been discovered in the vestry area.

These will be repositioned, together with the only other ledger stone which was located

at the top of the north aisle.

  • Small fragments of human vertebrae have been found during the excavations.

These will be re-interred later in the process.

  • The new floor level will be raised to the level of the medieval floor which was higher

than the Victorian floor, recently removed;


Finally the first pouring of concrete to create a sub-base for the new floor has been made.

St Peter’s Reordering Team.

Barrowden Church Development Project. Bulletin No.2.

Barrowden Church Development Project. Bulletin No.2.

Barrowden Church closed for worship on 10 September.  The pews have been removed and all sold locally. The church has been cleared, valuables stored and the space prepared for the builders.

  • The Builders begin work on Monday 1st October at 8.30 am. The church and churchyard then become a building site under the responsibility of the builder, WW Brown and Sons.
  • Access to the churchyard will then be limited or occasionally prohibited to visitors, depending upon the building work currently underway.  If you wish to visit the graves or pass through the gates to walk your dog please phone the builders beforehand if at all possible to avoid disappointment.  The number is 01858 465353.
  • It is anticipated that the building work will be completed by 3 May 2019. Until that time these restrictions will apply for the security of the site and the safety of us all.

Now that the pews have been taken out we can begin to see what an inspiring and flexible new space will be created

Thank you for your concern and patience in this matter.

Christopher Armstrong.



St Peter’s Barrowden

St Peter’s Barrowden

St. Peter’s Church, Barrowden is now closed for services until May 2019 due to major refurbishment.

We would therefore like to make you aware that you will be very welcome to attend services at other churches within the Benefice and details of times etc. are available in the village magazine or on the Welland Fosse website (  If you would like a lift to any of the services, then please contact one of the following would be happy to help:-

Martin Beattie            01780 721659

Kay Bagshaw              747797

David Lovering            747670

Janet Verest                747994

For those wishing to visit the churchyard, then this is possible but we will need to make arrangements with the builders for access, and again please make contact with the above.  We do hope that this does not cause too much inconvenience in the short term.

Barrowden & Wakerley PCC