South Luffenham Fund Raising Event – Wine Quiz/Tasting

South Luffenham Fund Raising Event – Wine Quiz/Tasting

Call My Quaff  – Wine Quiz/Tasting

Saturday 12th August at 7.30pm

South Luffenham Village Hall.

Please come and join us for a fun evening where your wine knowledge will be put to the test in the style of ‘Would I Lie to You/Call My Bluff’ while tasting wines and listening to various descriptions.

You will need to decide who is telling the truth and who is less than honest.
This is a new take on a cheese and wine tasting evening.

There will be a selection of wines to tantalise your taste buds, a quiz to tickle your brain and a jeroboam of Moet to tempt you to buy many raffle tickets!
Teams of four or just go along and join a team.
Tickets are £10 to include wine, cheese and bread – from  Janet 01780 722414 or Helen 01780 720688.
Don’t miss it!
Proceeds towards a water supply inside the church.

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