St Peter’s Church Barrowden Project update

St Peter’s Church Barrowden Project update

Since the presentation about the Re-ordering Project on the 29th April 2017 at Bisbrooke Church, we have started the fund raising locally and have built a substantial base which allows us to apply for grants from a strong position. The church is an integral part of village life and by doing this project we hope to strengthen the bridge between community use and church use. Below is an update on our progress starting with a reiteration of the objectives we have set ourselves.

The Objectives of the Project

We believe re-ordering will:
1. Make the church more welcoming
2. Create a 21st century flexible multi-use space
3. Open the church to other community events and usage
4. Beautify the church and enhance its sanctity
5. Reduce running costs
6. Assist the sustainable use of the church for generations to come


The organ is now well established. Once the re-ordering is completed the organ will be positioned in the nave approximately where the current blow heater is located. The speakers will be incorporated into the wall that will be built between the North aisle and the vestry. The organ has a recording facility built into it, which allows John Comber to record hymns and organ pieces onto a SD card. This will allow us to build a library of music for a variety of occasions and which can be backed up on a computer or remotely held.



We started fund raising locally for the project during May this year and have to date raised £154885. This has created a solid base for us to apply for grants as it displays to potential donors that this will be a successful project and therefore encourages them to be part of funding.

The position on funding to date is:

Sources                                           £

Pledges and Donations.            42900
Existing Church funds.              57000
Diocesan Loan.                             50000
Events                                                 985
Sale of old organ.                             500
External Grants                              3500

Total                                             154885

#FF0000 Raised £154,885 towards the £385,000 target.


As part of the local fundraising, there are a number of events planned for this and next year.

1. There will be a lunchtime concert in Church on Saturday the 28th of October at 12:30 where John Comber will be playing the organ and Jean Swinbank the piano. John will be playing a number of short pieces to demonstrate the versatility of the organ and Jean will play more modern/jazz music. Refreshments will be served.

2. Auction of promises on 11 November in the Village Hall

3. Classic Car run Easter 2018

4. Plant Sale- Late May Bank Holiday 2018

Barrowden on the Move

The re-ordering programme at St Peter’s is one aspect of future changes to village facilities which are being discussed currently under the banner of ‘Barrowden on the Move’. These meetings are an important preparation to provide future facilities which will ensure that the village continues to be a vibrant and attractive place to live and visit.
The church, as well as providing its spiritual role, will be an ideal place for concerts, recitals, art exhibitions, meetings, talks and seminars.


MARTIN BEATTIE 11 September 2017

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