As many of you may have noticed work has now begun in earnest to re-order Saint Peter’s Church and the project team would like to keep you abreast of where we are and hopefully answer some of your queries.


Back in 2009 The Parochial Church Council began investigating the best way to replace the old oil-fired heating system because it was inefficient, expensive to run and so noisy that it had to be turned off during services making it virtually impossible to keep the congregation warm.

After extensive research it concluded that under floor heating would be the most practical and aesthetic option. However, this would necessitate the removal of the pews, renewing the stone floor, new gas and water supplies and the rewiring of the ancient electrics.

With the obvious significant cost of carrying out these works discussions moved on to consider what else could be done to make the church space fit for the potential needs of Barrowden residents in the 21st century and so the re-ordering concept was born.

Schedule of Works

  • Replacing the old oil-fired hot air heating system with underfloor heating, renewing the stone floor and repositioning the font in the centre of the nave just in front of the bell tower.
  • The installation of a disabled toilet and re purposing the existing vestry to provide a multiuse meeting room which will be divided from the chancel with a new wall topped with a glass screen.
  • Removal of the old organ and the purchase of a new smaller digital organ positioned against the north wall near the new meeting room.
  • A servery at the back of the church in the North Aisle to provide facilities for the preparation and service of hot and cold food and drinks.
  • Complete rewiring with upgraded modern lighting and audio systems.
  • External lighting to the church gates and on bollards along the path leading to the main entrance.
  • Spotlights to illuminate the spire.
  • High Quality oak chairs allowing maximum flexibility of the use of the space for a multitude of all week round activities including worship, exhibitions, concerts, toddler groups, art groups etc.

The Contract Works

Following receipt of competitive quotations from three building contractors the PCC undertook a rigorous selection process which included taking references from satisfied customers undertaking similar projects and were pleased to appoint WW Brown and Sons of Market Harborough, a family firm established in 1895.

WW Brown commenced works on the project on 1st October 2018 and are due to complete on 3rd May 2019.

Great progress has been made since the start. The pews, timber stagings and old stone floor slabs have been removed. Approximately 500mm depth of soil has been excavated from the entire floor area and 60mm deep blinding concrete laid ready for the new reinforced concrete floor slab, 120mm deep rigid insulation, underfloor heating pipework, screed and new 50mm stone slabs.

During the course of the works three ancient ledger stones have been discovered in the existing floor, one dated 1685. These have been carefully lifted by WW Brown and they will be cleaned and re-laid with the new stone floor in suitable prominent positions.

An archaeologist was in attendance for three days during the course of the excavations and amongst other finds he discovered footings for an ancient wall, circular footings for two long gone columns, surface evidence of two graves which were not disturbed during our works and a small collection of human bone fragments which will be appropriately interred.


The total projected cost of the works including new chairs, organ and altar is approximately £350,000.

To date the project team has raised the remarkable sum of £310,000 through local donations, grants, fund raising events and charitable donations which is enough to fulfil our contractual obligations with WW Brown and Son. However additional funds are still required to enable us to apply the finishing touches and deliver a project that we can all be very proud of.

What’s in It for You

That’s easy.

For worshippers you will no longer need your thermal underwear to attend services in the winter and if you are taken short, a plush convenience will await you.

For those who do not currently visit the church, at your disposal will be a warm, inviting, flexible space where you will be able to enjoy concerts, exhibitions, art groups, toddler groups, book clubs, parties after baptisms etc.

This project will deliver a great addition to the joy of living in Barrowden for the benefit of all residents, family, friends and visitors to our lovely village.

How Can You Help

As you read in the finance section, we still need more funds for that final push to get us across the finishing line and there are two ways you can help.

  • Sponsor a chair – The new chairs will be manufactured in Thirsk from English oak with a handsome and sturdy rush seat. They will incorporate a shelf to accommodate the kneelers, together with an upper shelf for prayer books. You can sponsor a chair for £290 each and for an extra £10 we can add a brass plaque 80mm x 30mm with a name or dedication to a loved one.

Contact: – Phil and Fizz Humphreys 01572 748708

  • Make a donation. This could either be a one-off payment or if you would prefer you can set up a regular monthly payment to the re-ordering fund. We can claim Gift Aid equivalent to 25% of your generous contributions if you are a UK taxpayer.

Contact: – John Harding 01572 747085


We hope that you have found this report informative and interesting. We will provide updates in future issues of the village magazine and via the village email as we head towards the anticipated completion on 3rd May 2019.


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