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What our Priest-in-Charge gets up to in the week!

What our Priest-in-Charge gets up to in the week!

Christopher doesn’t just work on Sundays. Here’s what he got up to last week in Corby.

Christopher says “Jesus didn’t stay at home. In his ministry he was either out and about among the people or somewhere on the hillside deep in prayer. The Church is bidden to follow suit and identify with the folk in the community.

Whilst many people who live in the Benefice are retired, there are also many others who work hard: some close by and others far away, commuting to London for instance.

My natural inquisitiveness took me to Corby to visit a factory run by a family in the Benefice to see what their joys and sorrows are, trading in a relatively bumpy market after the Brexit Referendum. It was a fascinating visit and I am really grateful to the management of Pluswipes for giving me so much of their valuable time.”

Chris is on the left, wearing the red and orange outfit. Pluswipes’ Marten Teasdale Brown is on the right.