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lent blog: Good Friday

lent blog: Good Friday

Christopher Armstrong, Priest-in-Charge writes:

‘It is finished’ (John 19.30)

We who are in self-isolation yearn to be released, for this crisis to be finished.  And so do those on our front line, whose lives are endangered by this virulent disease.  Here are many, many examples of selfless sacrifice on behalf of others, all of which are shaped by the shadow of the cross consciously or unconsciously.

The compilers of our #Live Lent booklet have been overtaken by events but this current crisis does not devalue their observations. The NHS battles on because we believe collectively that every person matters. And so does God.  That is why we call this Friday ‘Good’. Christ died to save us all. The life of Jesus may be over but God’s work continue in so many ways, many of which would be unthinkable a month ago.