The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 13th September 2020

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 13th September 2020

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.

 Sunday 13th September 2020:  Trinity XIV


  • Please remember in your prayers those who are sick: Janette Saunders, Barry Broughton, Betty Tyler, Graham Robinson, and Derek Barker.
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  • Today we continue our gradual return to church with worship at Barrowden, 11am and next week at Tixover, 9.30am (Holy Communion), followed by the Zoom service at 11am.


Our Church is open every day from 10am-4pm for private prayer or quiet time. 

This Week’s Meditation:

Sometimes we appear to be obsessed with numbers and recently this has become even more prevalent. Last week we were reintroduced to the “rule of six” with the rule of thirty in some places. We are bombarded with statistics about the rate of infection and shown beautifully drawn graphs to illustrate the point.

Listening to the radio on Friday morning I heard about Martin Herrer who has won a two million pound prize for his work on stochastic analysis, a field that describes how random effects in mathematics affect things like stirring a cup of tea. (No, I don’t understand it either!) It goes to show how important numbers can be even in stirring a cup of tea.

Numbers were important in the Bible and there is a whole area known as Biblical numerology.  We know about seven days for God to create the world, seven deadly sins and seven churches in the book of Revelation. Jesus spent forty days in the Wilderness and the Jews wandered in the desert for forty years. There were twelve tribes of Israel and twelve apostles. All these numbers had symbolic meanings. Jesus told Peter he should forgive seventy times seven, an infinite number!

Jesus spoke about where two or three are gathered together He would be there and many times this has helped people during persecutions, when they could only worship underground in secret. But Jesus is not only there with two or three. He is with us constantly and to Him each one is important.


Lord, when we are surrounded by numbers help us to remember that each one of us is important to you, who knows the number of hairs on our head. Amen.


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