The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 16th August 2020

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 16th August 2020

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.

 Sunday 16th August 2020:  Trinity X


  • Please remember in your prayers those who are sick: Janette Saunders, Barry Broughton, Betty Tyler, Graham Robinson, Catherine Tanser, and Derek Barker.                                                                                                                    We pray also for all those who put their lives in danger to serve others suffering from Coronavirus and for those who have lost their jobs in the crisis.
  • Zoom services continue throughout the week, including Sunday, 10am (via but today we continue our gradual return to church with worship at Tixover, 11am and next week at Morcott. Face masks are obligatory.



Our Church is open every day from 10am to 4pm for quiet time or private prayer.


23 August ‘live’ church is at Morcott



In amongst all the tragedies of the last few months, those ill and dying from Covid19, those caught up in the explosion in Beirut and this week the train derailment in Stonehaven there have been some remarkable stories of wonderful things happening. Some of those with the severest form of the virus have made great recoveries; there were far fewer people on the train than normal because people were working from home. Our hearts were warmed with the vision of the nurse in Beirut who took three blood spattered babies from their incubators, carried them through dark corridors away from the devastation and eventually reunited them with their mother.


Are these miracles? The definition of a miracle is, according to the Cambridge dictionary: “an unusual and mysterious event that is thought to have been caused by a god because it does not follow the usual laws of nature: a very lucky event that is surprising and unexpected : an unusual and mysterious event that is thought to have been caused by God”.


During the last few weeks we have been looking at some of the miracles of Jesus: the feeding of the 5000, the blind man healed; the centurion’s daughter healed. Do miracles happen today? I think they do and if we think of our own lives there will be times when something completely unexpected has happened which cannot be explained except through the grace of God. Perhaps we don’t see them because we don’t look for them or put them down to coincidence. Often we may pray for a miracle so let us be open to seeing it.


May the miracle of the presence of God touch our hearts.

In the name of Christ, who still works his miracles. Amen.



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