The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices Sunday 19 December 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices Sunday 19 December 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices

Sunday 19 December 2021: the Fourth Sunday of Advent

  • Please pray for the sick including Judith Piggott, Jan Bailey, John Hall, Pat Simmons and Derek Barker.
  • Zoom Morning Prayer continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.30 am. Compline is on Thursday at 6 pm.
  • Please note that Face Masks must now be worn for all services.



Sunday 19 December 2021 4 pm: traditional Carol service with lessons and Carols, followed by mulled wine and mince pies. Children and adults are welcome to dress up.

Friday 24 December 9.30 pm Christmas Eve communion.


Carols on the Green with Chater Community Choir, Sat 18th Dec 6 pm. Christingle Kits for children.
Sunday December 19th 4 pm Carol Service.
Christmas Day Holy Communion 10 am.



This was found in a book called “Christmas Blessings” by Judith Merrell and seems very appropriate.

After 1 Corinthians 13

If I bake a Christmas cake and dozens of mince pies but have not love, I am just another harassed housewife.

If I decorate my house with outdoor fairy lights and a twinkling Christmas tree but have not love, I am just wasting electricity for no reason.

If I write a hundred Christmas cards and stick a newsletter in each one but have not love I only gain writer’s cramp.

Love stops baking to phone a friend in need

Love stops decorating to hug a child

Love stops shopping to visit a lonely neighbour.

Love does not envy the colour coordinated Christmas decorations in another’s house

Nor envy the neatly wrapped presents under a neighbour’s tree.

Love does not write vain letters boasting of this year’s achievements

Love does not just send cards to those who will send back

Love does not only buy presents for those who can return the favour

Love does not work out how much a friend will spend on your gift and then seek to spend not a penny more

Love knows the joy of giving without counting the cost

Love is patient when faced with the seasonal queue at the post office and smiles at those sharing the experience

Love does not get angry and shout at the kids to stay out of the way:

It keeps no record of wrongs.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails

Computer games break, chocolates soon vanish, Christmas trees drop their needles, but the gift of love endures forever.

Love is not just for Christmas: it lasts the whole year through.

Christ is not just for Christmas: he wants to stay with you forever.

God bless and enjoy all Christmas blessings

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