The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 21 February 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.  Sunday 21 February 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices.

 Sunday 21 February 2021:  Lent I


  • Please remember in your prayers those who are sick: Janette Saunders and Jane Williams. Will Beattie is now out of ICU and doing well.
  • Today, the Zoom Service will be at 11am.
  • Zoom Morning Prayer continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.30 am. Compline is on a Thursday at 6pm. If you would like an invitation, contact Sally Smith,
  • Studies in St. Mark’s Gospel continue this week: Tuesday at 7.30pm. If you would like an invitation, please contact Simon Aley at
  • ‘Just the Job’ – an entertainment for our 5 parishes. It continues on Zoom, 7pm on Monday 1 March. It brings together 3 people with similar career backgrounds who share something of their work for 5 minutes after which we are invited to ask questions. On 1 March: ‘The Lawyers’. Each session last for 40 minutes. Join us by emailing our Zoom host Martin Beattie at
  • Compline on Sundays in Lent starts at 6pm. This week, Stephen Brown, a Church Times columnist, will talk about the virtue of charity. Martin Beattie is our host. Please contact him if you wish to join the Zoom service.
  • ‘Prayers for Patience in Lent 2021’ – available at the back of church or in the porch. Help yourself!


BARROWDEN: Only 1 week left to re-join the 200 Club. Big prizes to be won!  Please contact Les Wilkinson, 4 Redland Close;

SOUTH LUFFENHAM: Our church will be open every day from 10-4.00 pm.

Coffee Zoom on Monday afternoon at 3.30.  Email for details.



Oh God, not Lent again! We’ve been locked down for a year and now we’re being asked to purge ourselves some more! No wonder you’re unpopular! Oh yes, we know about starting something new in Lent but lockdown either won’t allow that or we feel so lethargic.


As you can hear, not all your disciples are placid.  I am grumpy – and it’s not surprising. You will also know that some of your most devout worshippers get fed up with you. Can’t you sort out your creation? I’ve joined the ranks of your critics. I am totally fed up.”


My child, I understand your frustrations; I spend most of my time sitting on my hands and wandering how daft you all are! I had to stand and watch the abuse in the Garden of Eden, the grumbling in the wilderness from my chosen people, even though it was a road map to freedom. You ignore my prophets and all that – and more – was before I put my foot down.


Then, as a callow youth I had to exercise patience with those fumbling fools in The Temple, the stupidity of my chosen disciples and – when I most needed some comfort in the dock – there was just no one to hold my hand. Really!  It’s all in print. Read it again if you will.  And you complain about frustration!?


I do understand how you feel, my dear child. But try to grasp the long view of life. You can’t see it yet, but I can.  You are a link in a chain, a cog in a wheel, a brick in the foundations, a ripple in the ocean of life. Something greater is emerging which will meet all our dreams, yours and mine. Together we are building out a better world but you cannot be expected to see it all now. Your resilience is a vital part of this new kingdom – built on my own footprint – and I am relying on you to play your small part. Don’t let me down.“




See for much more information, including contact details for The Very Rev Christopher Armstrong and the churchwardens

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