The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices Sunday 7 November 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices Sunday 7 November 2021

The Welland-Fosse Benefice: Prayers and Notices

Sunday 7 November 2021: Third Sunday before Advent


  • Please pray for the sick including Judith Piggott, Sylvia Martin, Jan Bailey, John Hall, Pat Simmons and Derek Barker.
  • The funeral of Jane Williams will be at Morcott Church on 8th November at 12 noon.
  • Zoom Morning Prayer continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.30am. Compline is on Thursday at 6pm.
  • Face Masks: up until now we have been relaxed about the use of face masks in church. The situation is now changing with high infection rates so the staff would be grateful if you would be prudent and consider a return to face masks for the time being. The Covid restrictions on the Holy Communion service will continue. 



Sunday, 14 November 10.55 am, Service of Remembrance.

Sunday, 28 November 11.00 am Holy Communion in St Peter’s.

Barrowden Advent Windows Project needs more volunteers. Please phone Judith Piggott on 01572 747329 as soon as possible if you would like to be included.



Sunday November 14th 9.30 am Service of Remembrance.
Monday 15th Nov 3.30 pm South Luffenham Village Hall – informal Community Church for young families. 

Sunday November 28th 9.30 am Holy Communion. 


Bonfire Night has become a tradition in many of our villages. I remember taking my godsons to Barrowden when they were small and because they are French it was a very different experience for them. They enjoyed the hotdogs with tomato sauce smeared all over their smiling faces. We watched the different fireworks and stood round the fire until the heat was too much!


I have always liked sparklers, moving them round to make trails in the air and holding them carefully with a little bit of delighted fear when they reached their end. There were the Catherine wheels which always seemed to detach from the fence my father had so carefully nailed them to and they would lie on the ground spinning happily! The rockets and those which went into the sky gave a wonderful display of colour. And there were always those that simply dwindled to nothing!


Life is a bit like fireworks. Sometimes it just goes along steadily like a sparkler with highs and lows moulded into each other. At other times we can become detached from others and be sad and disappointed. But there are times when life bursts upon us and is colourful and exciting.


It is Jane’s funeral on Monday and her life burst upon all those who met her. She was not afraid of dying knowing that she would burst into the bright light of her Saviour. As we live our lives we need to remember the light that came into the world. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world and am with you always”. We have never needed that light more.


God bless


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