The Story so far …

After ten years of planning with more than a few trials and tribulations along the way we are very soon to re-open the church.

This has been a team effort with immense support from the local community and helped by generous grants from various foundations.

Our objectives have been to make the church more sustainable, more user-friendly and to create a new community space whilst enhancing the beauty and sanctity of this ancient building. We think we have delivered these aims!

The Builders W.W. Brown of Market Harborough have done a fantastic job to implement our plans as drawn up by our Architect John Eaton.

We are on budget and just about on time.

The official re-dedication by the Bishop of Peterborough will be on Sunday 30th June.

We will also have an informal Open Day for all villagers and our supporters to celebrate what has been achieved and to help develop ideas for the future use of the church for community events.

What’s it all cost?

Thankfully we have had no major issues during the build. There was always a substantial risk that once the Victorian floor was removed it would reveal sub- surface issues such as voids or archaeology.

The estimated budget is £374,000 :

The cost of the building work and fees £305k
New organ £29k
New Oak Seating £31k
Sundry Costs £9k

Money Raised :

Barrowden and Wakerley PCC  £85k
Local Giving £88k
Events fundraising £18k
External Grants £133k
Diocesan Loan £50k

Finishing touches

We are still about £19,000 short of where we’d like to be. In particular our top priority is to add a glass screen, costing £5000, between the new Meeting Room and the Chancel.

Other items on our wish list:

Strip Light to Glass Screen £1500
Repairs to 2 stone columns £1500
2 Oak Hymn Boards £400
Microphone in Bell tower connected to audio system £1000
Curtains and Rails behind Altar £2000
Altar Cloths £500
Outside storage container £1000
Folding Tables 10 no at £100 each £1000
Repairs to Bell tower Steps £1000
Meeting Room Table £1000
Servery Island Unit £3000
Total £13,900

A final push?

It’s not too late to make a donation or pledge!! Every little helps at this stage and we can get GiftAid (another 25% added by Government) on most donations.

If your interested please speak to a member of our Project Team:

Martin Beattie (Chair) ; Very Rev’d Christopher Armstrong ; Kay Bagshaw
Judith Pigott ; Peter Voller ; David Lovering ; John Harding;