St Peter’s Barrowden, Report on Annual Accounts for the year 2017

St Peter’s Barrowden, Report on Annual Accounts for the year 2017

Accounts for St Peter’s, Barrowden
for the year 31st December 2016 to 31st December 2017.


The Current Account is the general trading account through which most income and expenditure pass. Total income for 2017 amounted to £32614-78 and is an increase compared with previous years.

Planned giving along with Gift Aid Tax reclaimed shows a marked increase compared with previous years. Income from Church Collections and Donations have also seen an increase. Our thanks must go to those who have so generously given and contributed to the running and upkeep of St Peters.

2017 saw the rent received by the PCC for the 11 acres of arable land owned for many years by the PCC significantly increase. The land was being sublet and after the original tenant gave up the tenancy, the land was put up for tender and a more realistic rent achieved.

Fees paid to the PCC were slightly less than previous years as this income is determined by the number of ceremonies (weddings, funerals etc) held in the Church.

Income from Fund raising has also risen with the Open Gardens event, generally thought of as a great success. Along with sponsored cycle rides, harvest supper, sale of teas etc. £3667 was raised so crucial to funds. Our thanks must go to those who worked so hard to ensure their success.

The 200 Club run by Dr and Mrs Wilkinson contributed an increased donation to funds compared with previous years. Our thanks to Les and Grace for their hard work in the organisation of the 200 Club.

Unfortunately, expenditure has also increased compared with previous years.

Insurance for the Church and its Contents along with heating and lighting have remained fairly consistent with previous years. Heating costs and use of the heating is dependent, to a degree, on the weather and when the fuel tank needs refilling.

A cost was incurred in examining the Chancel roof and the examination by expert builders and architects. Fees for this examination amounted to over £5000. Unfortunately, this examination uncovered some long-term problems which will require considerable future expenditure,

General Parish Expenditure which include our contribution to the Five Parish Accounts, Alarm fees, printing etc. has increased compared with previous years.

Churchyard Maintenance including Wakerley Churchyard at £2194 is a reasonable figure.

A payment to the Diocesan Architect of £4000 fees has been paid for his work on the Reordering Programme.

Parish Share to the Diocese is the largest single expense and has increased £14064 in 2015 to £15046 in 2016 to £16080 in 2017. Increases of this magnitude are not sustainable.

The total Expenditure for 2017 amounted to £35168-54, a loss of £1729-76 on the year 2017.

If the one-off expenses, Roof examination and architect’s fees are discounted then general income and expenditure would be in the black.

Angus S Kennedy